Farewell Beetle

Volkswagen announced earlier today that in 2019, they will be ending production of the well-loved Beetle.

From what we can gather, the Beetle will cease production from its factory in Mexico in July 2019, ending with a bang as two celebratory editions will be launched, one coup and the other convertible.

While it has been a favourite with users since its creation in Germany post-Second World War, it rose to fame internationally during the 1960s and 70s, due to movies such as The Love Bug. The Beetle's production has ceased then been revived multi-times over the years, the latest being in the late 1990s, the redesign based on the Volkswagen Golf, which was a controversial with some car fans at the time, but the redesign help attracted more women drivers to the brand.

The Chief Executive of Volkswagen Group of America hasn't completely ruled out that the model could be resurrected one day - Volkswagen did look into a possible model revamp with electric versions before the announcement was made so you never know... - but with sales of the model falling in recent years, consumers in the US turning towards larger vehicles and Volkswagen still recovering from the "diesel-gate" scandal, the company have decided that this is the last drive into the sunset.

So, farewell Beetle. We'll miss you here at DGT.

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