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AlloyGator Wheel Protectors are super tough nylon composite rings which fit directlybetween the rim of your alloy wheel and tyre and provide an unrivalled, world leading,protective barrier against scratches and scuffs caused by kerbs and potholes.


Available in 14 different colours, make a statement, match your cars style or keep yourwheel protection super subtle.


Designed to become an integrated part of your car wheel and tyre, AlloyGator WheelProtection relies on patented locking technology andstainless-steel clips ensuring a securefit 360 degrees around the circumference of the wheel. This means that AlloyGators have amuch longer lifespan than other wheel rim protection products, as they are able to sustainmultiple impacts without the needto be changed in most cases. 

MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) and TUV approved, AlloyGator WheelProtection is the only wheel rim protection product on the market which has beenvigorously safety and quality tested in a variety of road conditions and environments to giveour customers added piece on mind.

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