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We offer six different types of custom made wheel spacers available for purchase, these are completely customisable and are made to your spec that you request. The PCD, centre bore and thickness of the spacers can all be customised. If you need any assistance in selecting the correct type of spacer that you need for your vehicle, please feel free to message us directly.

Ford Transit hub adaptors

Our hub centric wheel adaptors allow you to change your ford transit from 5x160 PCD to any PCD that you would like. The hub centric wheel adaptors are CNC turned and made from a quality and durable aluminum, they are bored to the exact fitment to ensure that you have no vibration or movement once they are fitted onto the vehicle.


From Transit PCD: (5x160 )to Audi PCD (5x112)

From Transit PCD: (5x160 )to BMW PCD (5x120)

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