Tyre-d Out

We're going to start our blog post today a little differently than our others to tell you something that happened to one of us who works at DGT.

On the way to DGT Wheels this morning, one of our workers discovered his rear passenger tyre was flat and, fearing that driving any further might cause damage to the alloy wheel, decided to pull over safely at a family friend and managed to get into work.

We see the irony that one of the DGT Wheels employees got a flat tyre and we sell a range of tyres that would easily replace the flat.

Now, we are not sure what caused the tyre to go flat, but we are going to replace the tyre and, if we can, we are going to check the other three tyres as it is important for tyres to have the correct pressure and tread depth to be road safe, otherwise you are breaking the law.

If you are worried about your tyres and want someone to check their pressure and tread depth, or you fear that you have a flat tyre or a slow puncture, you are always welcome to visit and we can check your wheels for you. Here is a Google Map for you to find us!

Check your tyres and remember: drive safe, drive DGT.

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