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2 out of 3 New vehicles do not come with a spare wheel from the factory.Legislation changes no longer require vehicle manufacturers to supply aspare wheel. Every 60 minutes the nation's leading breakdown cover attends a potholerelated breakdown in the UK. 30,000+ Punctures on UK roads every month,not all of them have to end in recovery. £10.24 Billion Over 10 years to clear the backlog of pothole relatedbreakdowns on local roads in England and Wales. An estimated 12 million carson UK roads without a spare wheel.


There’s nothing like having a spare wheel in the boot, Road Hero gives youpeace of mind. Over 5 years of research and development ensures Road Hero isthe most comprehensive spare wheel solution on the market today. Each kit is engineered to run within 5% of the manufacturers OE rolling radius to safely get you on the way with The right tools, at the right time.

RoadHero kit includes:

RoadHero spare wheel

2 ton jack

Wheel brace

Warning triangle

Hi vis



Kneel mat

Head torch

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