New Latest styled concave effect Multispoke themed wheel in a 'Brushed' silver finish.


 A9995 8.5x19 5/108 CB - 73.1 ET38  Brushed Silver


Suitable for many vehicles including:

Volvo C,V,S Models

Renault Laguna (5 stud models inc Coupe)

Peugeot (5 stud models inc 3008)

Ford Focus,Mondeo,Kuga,Smax,Cmax





Wheels are not supplied with a fitting kit, please confirm which vehicle they are to fit on checkout.


Wheels are sold as a set of (4) unless stated otherwise.

A9995 Brushed Silver

  • Please ensure that you have selected the right specifications for the desired vehicle before purchasing any valid set of wheel(s) or wheel(s) and tyres from DGT.


    If you are unaware of your vehicle specifications, feel free to contact DGT using either the live chat option or email address provided in our (contact us) page. Furthermore, to ensure that your vehicle is suited for the style of wheels that you have purhased, we kindly ask for your vehicle registration so that we can cross-examine before the shipping of your selected product(s).

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