Last week, one of our employees went to the Big Apple (also known as New York) and we fell in love with his videos and photos of the Yellow Cabs, the cars and, especially, this weird piece of modern art he discovered while lost in the Modern Art section of the Met.

It's called "Raw Attention" and was made by American artist, Chakaia Booker. According to the Met's website, this "jarring detail suggests the historical and literary conceit of the vagina dentata, or emasculating woman, a recurring motif of early twentieth-century Surrealism." (Quote can be found at metmuseum.org)

As we said earlier, our team member took videos from well-known locations from New York of beautiful US vehicles and, with his permission, we can put them on our blog to share with you.

Drive safe (no matter what side of the road you drive on), drive DGT.

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